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If you have an interest in acquiring any of the items shown in this website, many of them will be available through Rocky Mountain Trains sometime after late September, 2020.


A substantial portion of my structures were moved from my previous model railroad ( and can be seen in that previous environment by going to that website.  I have changed a few of the signs and done some other minor modifications to more appropriately fit in with the theoretical location of this model railroad in New Mexico instead of Colorado.  Many of the other structures have found a new home on other modelers' layouts.
In addition, I have pre-purchased other suitable kits in advance if it seemed they would fit into the new model railroad.
I love to build structures, and as a civil engineer and construction executive before retirement, I get to carry this forward into this, my last railroad.  Photos of these structures, built and unbuilt, can be seen in the appropriate web pages in this website.


I'm showing below photos of almost all of my built structures, most of which were transferred from my previous layout, which modeled another portion of the Denver and Rio Grande Western and parts of the Rio Grande Southern.   A video of that previous layout can be seen by clicking on the Video tab above. 

Since I demolished this previous layout, I've been purchasing new structures (mostly high-end craftsman kits and background flats) and will also add those as time permits at the bottom of this page before and/or after they are built and installed.  If you have any interest in them at that time we can discuss.

A significant number of the existing built structures will be made available for purchase as I build the newer and more appropriate unbuilt structures for The Turquoise Line.

In general, these will be posted in the "For Sale" tab and an appropriate notice placed in the Sn3 list.


Ragg's Hukill Mine


Cerrillos Turquoise Mine

Banta's Pro Patria Mill


Cerrillos Turquoise Stamp Mill

Ragg's Placerville Warehouse


Manzana Warehouse

Sargent's Depot




Bella Gato Depot

Gunnison Station


Building and Structure Co.


Cerrillos Depot

Mooney's Plumbing

Unbuilt and Opened Structures

Black Bear Wood Truss Bridge 
See Layout Photos
As of today, September 8, 2020, my model railroad is being demolished and the salvageable structures and rolling stock will be for sale through Rocky Mountain Trains.  
See additional comments and photos after demolition at the Scenery page at .
All model railroads eventually come to an end, as does life, except that with model railroads one may again recreate the golden moments of full scale railroads based on one's visions, whims, and desires.
I have been fortunate to have been a part of this great hobby, as it allowed me to better understand the physical universe, leading to my profession as a an engineer and builder.  Most importantly, I have discovered a diverse group of interesting people who share my love of railroads, to my great delight.
It has been a great run, as all last runs are meant to be, and I am peaceful and thankful for all that I have done as part of this hobby and the people who also enjoy it.
Full speed ahead!
Michael McCaffery
Santa Fe, NM  
September 20, 2020
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