Michael McCaffery
I have always been interested in trains and railroading, from my early days growing up in  the South (Kentucky and Alabama).   My dad worked for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad in Louisville, and I regularly rode passenger trains between Louisville and Mobile, initially behind steam, then first generation diesel locomotives.
Later, during engineering school, I worked as a surveyor and draftsman for the L&N in both Louisville and Mobile, so modeling railroads came naturally to me.   I have always modeled railroads in some form or another for most of my life.
My career started in the Navy during the Vietnam War era, where I served as a Civil Engineer Corps officer in Long Beach, CA, and in Sicily.   After that I received two masters degrees in civil engineering and construction management from the University of Louisville and Stanford University, after which I had a full career as a construction manager and executive in Silicon Valley.
Several years ago, my family (two human, two animal, and sometimes were are not sure which is which) moved from Bend, Oregon to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I live on the prairie south of Santa Fe with my wife Liz and our dog Giordi our cat Bella, none of whom share my passion for railroads, but do easily tolerate my addiction to them.
As of today, September 8, 2020, my model railroad is being demolished and the salvageable structures and rolling stock will be for sale through Rocky Mountain Trains.  
See additional comments and photos after demolition at the Scenery page at www.turquoiseline.com/scenery .
All model railroads eventually come to an end, as does life, except that with model railroads one may again recreate the golden moments of full scale railroads based on one's visions, whims, and desires.
I have been fortunate to have been a part of this great hobby, as it allowed me to better understand the physical universe, leading to my profession as a an engineer and builder.  Most importantly, I have discovered a diverse group of interesting people who share my love of railroads, to my great delight.
It has been a great run, as all last runs are meant to be, and I am peaceful and thankful for all that I have done as part of this hobby and the people who also enjoy it.
Full speed ahead!
Michael McCaffery
Santa Fe, NM  
September 20, 2020
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