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The photos below show the status of my layout as of the September 20, 2020.
To summarize,  The Turquoise Line exists only on this website, and not in reality.
I started the dismantling by removing and disposing of - mostly by selling - the rolling stock and structures to assure they would find a good home, which they will.
After some preparation, today, a good friend who also is a builder, ex-fire chief, and one of the founders of the little community in which I live south of Santa Fe, named Tom, came in at 7:30 a.m. and left at 11 a.m.    During that time, we disassembled the layout and moved the debris into an nearby dumpster, to find a new home in a somewhat different form in a local landfill.
I am at peace with it all.   It was time, the work was done well, and building the Turquoise Line was one of the best and most satisfying things that I have done in my life.
Zen Masters say that peace comes from letting go of attachments.   I am still working on that one, but this was a first step.
Thanks for visiting my website, which I thoroughly enjoyed creating it to share my enthusiasm with like-minded hobbyists.   I intend to leave this website online as it is as long as appropriate.
The photo below shows my newly converted office space, replacing the layout which was demolished and carted away in a 20 cubic yard dumpster.
Michael McCaffery
September 20, 2020
My favorite part of model railroading is constructing structures and scenery.
In this section I'll lightly discuss my methods, procedures, and why I chose certain ways of doing things to attain the effect I desire.
As construction progresses, I'll add photos of my work as it appears on the actual model railroad itself, in this Scenery tab.
My first portion of scenery is illustrated below, showing the beginning of the painted backdrop and some minor scenery construction in front of it to hide where it joins the benchwork.  Updates will be periodically provided depending on how successfully I am able to represent the scenery along the fictional Turquoise Line between Santa Fe and Madrid, New Mexico, where I now live.
Perro Blanco
     Below you see the namesake for Perro Blanco, our dog Giordi.
      He is shown at full scale.
Tucker to the left is a neighbor's dog with unlimited energy, boundless enthusiasm, and a voracious appetite.   Tucker and Giordi own the neighborhood.
Panoramic View of Perro Blanco
Bella Gato
Bella, the source of the town's name of Bella Gato.
Bella Gato Depot
Manzana Warehouse
Main road through town of Bella Gato.
Manzana Warehouse
Bella Gato depot.
Site of future
Mooney's Plumbing is in the far Background
Structure on right is division superintendents kit-built home (Sears style) with new shiny auto on the left. 
Mooney's Plumbing
Mooney's Plumbing is shown above and in the two photos below.
Panoramic View of Town of Bella Gato
Galt's Gulch  
Galt's Gulch - West
Dropleaf at
Studio Entrance Door
Galt's Gulch - Bridge and Trestle
Galt's Gulch - East
 Cerrillos Turquoise Mine
Miners Cabins
Red Light District


Town of Cerrillos
(Final Scene)
As of today, September 8, 2020, my model railroad is being demolished and the salvageable structures and rolling stock will be for sale through Rocky Mountain Trains.  
See additional comments and photos after demolition at the Scenery page at .
All model railroads eventually come to an end, as does life, except that with model railroads one may again recreate the golden moments of full scale railroads based on one's visions, whims, and desires.
I have been fortunate to have been a part of this great hobby, as it allowed me to better understand the physical universe, leading to my profession as a an engineer and builder.  Most importantly, I have discovered a diverse group of interesting people who share my love of railroads, to my great delight.
It has been a great run, as all last runs are meant to be, and I am peaceful and thankful for all that I have done as part of this hobby and the people who also enjoy it.
Full speed ahead!
Michael McCaffery
Santa Fe, NM  
September 20, 2020
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