Video of Previous Layout

This is all that remains of my previous layout on the website and prior to that on, both different names for essentially the same layout, with a few place name changes.

This was my first Sn3 layout and perhaps my most ambitious.   I made this video to document the layout when I realized it would have to be demolished to accommodate a move to a different location.


I hired two people for two days to do the demolition, as I could not bring myself to destroy what I had painstakingly created over perhaps seven years.

So in adding this video to this website, which memorializes my last layout, it is interesting to see how my modeling has changed and perhaps progressed while my ambition has been reduced in quantity, if not in quality.

This layout, now gone, holds a special place in my memory.  All that I learned from that effort has informed and guided my work on my current layout, The Turquoise Line.


Please forgive the wavy video. 

It was an early effort with primitive equipment, but it is all I have left.

Revised June 29, 2020
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